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By GiL on Sep 7, 2017 at 5:44 PM
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    We have changed the prices of the games in the Steam shop here at GiL. When we initially started the store we set the price of the games at 500 Gil each. We didn't think to compare the prices of them on Steam to the prices we sell them for our in house currency. So even if a game was $0.99 we was selling it for 500 Gil. That means you could get a $6.99 game for 500 Gil, but have to pay the same amount of Gil for a $0.99 game.

    So with that being said, we have adjusted the prices to match that of Steam's. Example:
    Price on Steam $6.99 = 699 Gil
    Price on Steam $0.99 = 99 Gil

    It is now straight forward. This way you know if a game costs more Gil, then it is a more expensive game on Steam. Thoughts or question? Leave a comment below and we will assist you the best we can.


Discussion in 'Articles' started by GiL, Sep 7, 2017.

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