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By Starskull on Sep 11, 2017 at 10:35 PM
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    Can you win the people over? You might think you can, but with the few plays I gave this. I've failed horribly every time. If I can manage to stay in office long enough. I will always lose the election. If I don't make it that far I get assassinated. Sounds fun huh?

    Well the fact is, I didn't think it was that fun. I love me some simulation and strategy games. I thought this one would even be a good choice because it adds the two together. I was wrong. I found all of the different options that I thought you had, turns out to only be options to a slider. You adjust the money your country puts into X. I thought if I was going to take Police off the streets. I'd have other options than a budget.

    Through and through, the game does offer some replay value, mostly because odds are you will not slide the sliders the same and choose the same areas every time. I would like to play around with it more, but given the fact that I seem to just piss my country off I have given up on the game. Yes, Democracy 3 just meant for me!

    If you are still wanting to pursue a pseudo political career, then still give Democracy 3 a try. Although I do fault it for nil options. It however is still a solid game to play around with when you are bored. I will not get that bored anytime soon though.


Discussion in 'General' started by Starskull, Sep 11, 2017.

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