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By Starskull on Aug 5, 2017 at 11:16 AM
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    GiL presents to you our official video settings guide for Playerunknowns Battleground. We have checked around at what most websites and videos say to use. Then we tried and tested them. Then a new patch came out with new options. We tried and tested more and these are the best settings we could come up with.

    These setting will help you see your enemies easier and provide with you smooth and as high of FPS your computer can handle.


    Screen Mode : Fullscreen (Windowed)
    Resolution : Monitor Resolution
    FpsCameraFov : 103 ( This widens the field of view)
    Equipments HUD : On (This shows you, the equipped helmet, vest, and backpack you have on you)
    Weapon Slot HUD : On (This shows you, the equipped weapons you have on you)

    Screen Scale : 120
    Anti-Aliasing : Ultra (This makes everything smooth and easier for you to see)
    Post-Processing : Very Low
    Shadows : Very Low
    Texture : Medium or Very Low
    Effects : Very Low
    Foliage : Very Low (grass and trees look bad, but they get in the way with more detail)
    View Distance : Ultra (Some keep it at medium, but if you graphics card can handle it there is no reason not to have this set as high as it can go)
    Motion Blur : Off
    V-Sync : Off (My monitor is 144 and it would cap my frame rates and I don't get any screen tearing)

    Go in the launch options of PUBG and past this minus the quotes "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES-refresh 144-high-sm4-malloc=system-d3d10". Where it says "144" set that to your monitors refresh rate.
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Discussion in 'PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS' started by Starskull, Aug 5, 2017.

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