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To start things off I am not trying to bash on this website. It just happens to be the website that I seen it on. I've this happen more than once on many different gaming sites. This is just the example I am using. Misleading articles are click-bait. They are designed to make you click the link because of something shocking, when in reality. The story isn't what the title really says.

I was browsing Facebook and I scroll across this. To me this says that there was a massive Xbox recall. The first thought that ran through my head was. Which one? The first Xbox, the 360...Xbone...It really doesn't specify which model they are talking about. So I click the link to...
I have been working on the theme some today. I wanted to get away from the background that came with my premium theme. It wasn't unique in any way. The one you see now, no other site should have, as I used images from the web and made it myself. I think the color scheme works well with the new background. Aside from that here are alll the fixes.

  • New Background
  • Moved Logo to Center
  • Fixed a Bug that made the logo be in the wrong place when not logged in or a guest
  • Optimized Images for faster loaded

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There has been a lot of hype around the issue if you should get a Ryzen CPU. I'm not a big Youtube reviewer, nor a big streamer or do massive amounts of workload on my computers. I'm your average gamer. The person who operates on a budget and doesn't get paid to build these nice computers. Any builds you see from me, odds are come from my own pocket.

With that being said. Do I need a Ryzen? My answer is yes. Around a year ago I got a FX-8320e, but my motherboard fried. I think the CPU is still good but I have no way to check. I also am not going to buy another motherboard just for it. I had to revert back to my FX-6100. Which lets face it. Isn't in the high end of gaming. Yet it is what...
I stumbled upon an awesome place to get a legit copy of Windows 10 Pro (OEM) for cheap. Kingquin is selling them from merchants. The prices is around 30 bucks which isn't bad. Basically you purchase it and you recieve a picture of a Windows 10 Pro Key. I just did it and upgraded from Windows 7, just to keep up. I then bought another copy for my "2770" Ryzen build. So in total I spent $60 for 2 Windows 10 Pro Keys, for 2 computers!

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With my recent purchse of Overwatch, I thought to myself just how quickly I caught on. I do have a background of first person shooters, but I haven't played many of them as of late. Maybe an occasional TF2. Is Overwatch a "NooB" friendly game? Well yes and no.

From my understanding so far, it is a very noob friendly game. From the get go it will tell you what you team is missing in terms of Meta. No tanks or healers could be bad. I think out of all the toons I have played, I haven't found one that is overly complex. Though some do have their challenges. Some are pretty basic as well.

As far as playing a game. That is setup pretty straight forward. There isn't a million modes to choose...
I love gaming. It is that simple. That is why I spend so much time doing it. The reason why I want a nice computer as well. The reason for starting GiL. It is a strong driving force of who I am, and who am I to deny myself that?

I don't remember the year it was. I was really young and small. I still am, well small that is. The first thing I ever remember playing was a Mrs. Pacman coin-op machine. Nonetheless it was in our dining room.

It all started in 1989 really. I got an Atari 2600 for Christmas and couldn't have been more happy. I played the crap out of those few games I had. It is when my love for gaming began.

(Picture coming soon)

As I grew so did the machines. Nintendo and Sega ran the market for a long time. Your friends always argued over which console was better. SNES or Sega Genesis. Nobody ever won. Then along came Sony with their fancy Playstation. Shortly afterwards Microsoft Xbox. Then more time goes on and now we are at Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Somehow Xbox started back at one. I don't know why.

Yet I had grown. Far beyond console gaming. Somewhere between Playstation 3 and 4. PC gaming took over. I got rid of all my consoles and focused on computer gaming. The keyboard and mouse took over man! The game that started it all was Diablo II: LoD.

It was great for it's time. It was online or offline. Online was awesome, because it was before consoles had the ability to, or had the ability to but wasn't common enough for anyone to do it. I waited a long time and when they finally release Diablo 3. I didn't even like it as much as I thought I was going to.

I had grown more as a gamer. Being spoiled by PC gaming. The genres in PC are massive and almost anyone can make a game to play on PC. Console gaming just bored me. In addition to not looking good. Which brings me to the point that kept me around PC gaming for so long.

Graphics. Hands down. Consoles as of right now are still locked at 30 frames per second. The computer I am upgrading from, can produce more than that in most games. Which is sad in my opinion because consoles cost so much, not to mention a fee for using their services most of the time. In addition to being able to upgrade my PC when I want to, instead of waiting for the next gen console. That will produce sub-par graphics at best.

Most PC gaming is free and I like it that way. Most console games you have to pay for and have to be online just play the game. This is one of the many reason why I stuck around it among the many others. I've spent roughly 30 years playing them, why give up now?
This update has been small but important. Two new features have been added. I think they are pretty awesome features.

Steam integration will allow you to sign up, log in, and use your statistics from steam to add to GiL's Steam area. We can see how many hours we have played and what the most popular games are from within our community. There was supposed to be support for it to be on our profiles as well. Yet for some reason I can't get this option to work.

Notifications are a simple yet effective way to get a notification on GiL about something. It works as an alert. A box will appear with the action that happened. For instance if someone...
Ever wanted to buy a steam game but didn't have the money? Have credits or points on a forum that you just can't really use? Well look no further. In today's update. I have added a Steam Game Shop. Where you can buy Steam Keys with your GiL! How awesome is that?

GiL is the currency we use around here. You can earn it by posting in the forums.

Comment = 1 GiL
New Thread = 5 GiL


As a baseline run we have only added 10 games. We have an additional 40 more keys to add. I am just waiting to see how these keys work out. In addition to, if this works, plan on seeing more games....
They have Minecraft Legos, but now they have Lego Minecraft! March 7, 2017 Lego will release Lego Worlds. When I sat down to play I noticed that Lego wanted to focus on building and exploring, and they didn't fail on any of them. There was plenty of different biomes to start off in, along with plenty of objects to interact with. In just a few short hours you will be fully into the game, being able to fight mobs and having something to ride on.

The exploration in Lego Worlds is grand. You can climb on just about any object in the world. Double jumping and climbing like a monkey will grant you one thing! New...
The new Middle Earth: Shadow of War was announced hours ago with an announcement trailer! Check it out.