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GiL presents to you our official video settings guide for Playerunknowns Battleground. We have checked around at what most websites and videos say to use. Then we tried and tested them. Then a new patch came out with new options. We tried and tested more and these are the best settings we could come up with.

These setting will help you see your enemies easier and provide with you smooth and as high of FPS your computer can handle.


Screen Mode : Fullscreen (Windowed)
Resolution : Monitor Resolution
FpsCameraFov : 103 ( This widens the field of view)
Equipments HUD : On (This shows you, the equipped helmet, vest,...
If you are big on computers or as we like to call them "Battlestations", then you might have had the chance to watch Linus over at Linus Tech Tips build a "10 Gamer, 1 Tower PC". If not you should give it a watch. It is something most people can never afford. The price tag was 30 thousand USD! Now I don't know how much money you make, but that is way out of my price range. Luckily for me I recently build a nice battlestation with a Ryzen 7.

I was browsing Reddit and I came across a post where two gaming brothers are very happy with their...
I've put a lot of hours into Kenshi. My first upload of a video for this game was 2 years ago. Sadly it is still in beta. Yet a lot has changed and a lot has remained the same. With putting so many hours in, I've learned a lot of tricks and tips that can help you out!

New Game:
As most of you will pick this the first time you play. If not something is wrong. When choosing any of the advanced option. Food works differently. The lower the bar, the higher the rate of hunger. The higher the bar, the lower rate of hunger.

When starting from a majority of the scenarios, the first thing you will need to do is collect money. The easiest way to do this is by mining something. Iron Ore will sell...
Welcome to the basic guide to the game Domina.

Domina is a gladiator simulation. The fights are fast and brutal. It is your job to recruit, train, and fight your gladiators to win the Championship games. This guide will show you the ropes and give you a run down of how to play the game. It doesn't have a great learning curve, but it can be confusing for new players.

When you start the game you are presented with 3 gladiators, 2 of them have armor and weapons, but the third one does not. You start off with 500 coins, 200 water, 400 food and 40 wine.

City Marketplace
From this menu you...
I stumbled upon an awesome place to get a legit copy of Windows 10 Pro (OEM) for cheap. Kingquin is selling them from merchants. The prices is around 30 bucks which isn't bad. Basically you purchase it and you recieve a picture of a Windows 10 Pro Key. I just did it and upgraded from Windows 7, just to keep up. I then bought another copy for my "2770" Ryzen build. So in total I spent $60 for 2 Windows 10 Pro Keys, for 2 computers!

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With my recent purchse of Overwatch, I thought to myself just how quickly I caught on. I do have a background of first person shooters, but I haven't played many of them as of late. Maybe an occasional TF2. Is Overwatch a "NooB" friendly game? Well yes and no.

From my understanding so far, it is a very noob friendly game. From the get go it will tell you what you team is missing in terms of Meta. No tanks or healers could be bad. I think out of all the toons I have played, I haven't found one that is overly complex. Though some do have their challenges. Some are pretty basic as well.

As far as playing a game. That is setup pretty straight forward. There isn't a million modes to choose...
First and foremost you can not make Neutroamine. You can only obtain it from trading.
After you obtain it from traders you can then make drugs and medicine from it. If you have herbal medicine and cloth you can make ordinary medicine with it. Which is much better than herbal medicine. Yet not as good as glitterworld medicine.

You can make the drug Penoxycyline with Neutroamine as well.

Other than that I haven't used it for much else. When I find it I normally have my pawns make medicine with it. Medicine is a big part of RimWorld and making your own is pretty cheap compared to buying it. Sometimes it will fall from the sky in...