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I was excited to see this tournament kick off. PUBG zoomed into the spotlight and became a top game very quick. When I first seen it, I didn't even like it, now I can't pull myself away from it at 3 A.M. Needless to say when I seen a tournament was underway. I knew I had to watch it, because lets face it, I'm not good enough to win it! This isn't to show who won or lost. Who did good or bad. Just the overall feel of it and how I was excited to watch it unfold.


Day 1:
I missed day one sadly. Though I got reports of how Evermore trolled, sorry I mean healed it his way to victory on day one. He won a...
PUBG has done something not many games in early access can do. They have reached #6 on Newzoo's PC Game Tracker. It came in 6th in terms of players playing the title and in play time. Beating out top level games like WoW and GTA V. PUBG finished right below fellow shooter Overwatch, which as the graph below shows. It looks like Overwatch lost some of it's player base to this death match style shooter.

Pitting 100 players against each other in a battle royal style has paid off big in Japan. Where it ranks as the #1 game played. With many sources thinking that all of the players are being lost from Overwatch and moving to PUBG. I know I did. I just started playing this month and already I haven't updated Overwatch since.
PUBG will continue to grow. Newzoo thinks so and with an upcoming esports scene, not to mention upcoming updates. There are a lot of big named streamers helping by streaming the game as well. The game hasn't even been released yet. Though a full release is expected by the end of 2017.
Video talking about how World of Tanks creators issue a copyright strike on a Youtuber for saying the new tank is pay to win.
They have Minecraft Legos, but now they have Lego Minecraft! March 7, 2017 Lego will release Lego Worlds. When I sat down to play I noticed that Lego wanted to focus on building and exploring, and they didn't fail on any of them. There was plenty of different biomes to start off in, along with plenty of objects to interact with. In just a few short hours you will be fully into the game, being able to fight mobs and having something to ride on.

The exploration in Lego Worlds is grand. You can climb on just about any object in the world. Double jumping and climbing like a monkey will grant you one thing! New...
The new Middle Earth: Shadow of War was announced hours ago with an announcement trailer! Check it out.
Games Workshop is at it again with this new release Warhammer Quest. Check out the official gameplay trailer.