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Overwatch has done it again. The patch came with some pretty big changes. Most notably D.Va's rockets and Mercy changes. The biggest being the Mercy changes. The question for me is, "Am I happy with these changes?" For my person opinion I would have to say yes.

I was a D.Va main for almost my entire OW career. I'm pretty decent with her, but her role as a tank never suited her style and from the few rounds I played with her today. She still isn't a tank. They took away how long her Defense Matrix stays up and gave her rockets. Tanks normally take more damage then they give, but in this case, I think D.Va might be more of a bruiser. She can pump out damage and take a bunch of damage....
Can you win the people over? You might think you can, but with the few plays I gave this. I've failed horribly every time. If I can manage to stay in office long enough. I will always lose the election. If I don't make it that far I get assassinated. Sounds fun huh?

Well the fact is, I didn't think it was that fun. I love me some simulation and strategy games. I thought this one would even be a good choice because it adds the two together. I was wrong. I found all of the different options that I thought you had, turns out to only be options to a slider. You adjust the money your...
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We have changed the prices of the games in the Steam shop here at GiL. When we initially started the store we set the price of the games at 500 Gil each. We didn't think to compare the prices of them on Steam to the prices we sell them for our in house currency. So even if a game was $0.99 we was selling it for 500 Gil. That means you could get a $6.99 game for 500 Gil, but have to pay the same amount of Gil for a $0.99 game.

So with that being said, we have adjusted the prices to match that of Steam's. Example:
Price on Steam $6.99 = 699 Gil
Price on Steam $0.99 = 99 Gil

It is now straight forward. This way you know if a game costs more Gil, then it is a more expensive game on Steam....
The age old question of what makes a player good is a hard one to define. The only way we have to judge is based off of the stats we can see about our play through the game. Which in some cases, the stats are a bit skewed or non intentionally false. When you have a game that logs hours played, but it bases that stats off the counting the amount of time the game was running. This can trigger a false stat, by counting the time, just from having the game running. I could leave the game running without playing it in the background for hours on end. It would still count this as play time. Which would give me a longer time played than I actually have. This could in turn make it look like I...
Have you ever seen something so cool of your favorite fandom and just had to have it? I know I will see things from time to time and know that I MUST have one. Being a fan of something separates you from the other geeklins! Freak and Pocky are some fellow geeks from Kentucky. Pocky is a poppet master and has made some fantastic pieces. She has made 10 pieces so far and plans on making more and sometime in the future, release custom made poppets! How cool would that be, a poppet that is designed to look like you!

I was excited to see this tournament kick off. PUBG zoomed into the spotlight and became a top game very quick. When I first seen it, I didn't even like it, now I can't pull myself away from it at 3 A.M. Needless to say when I seen a tournament was underway. I knew I had to watch it, because lets face it, I'm not good enough to win it! This isn't to show who won or lost. Who did good or bad. Just the overall feel of it and how I was excited to watch it unfold.


Day 1:
I missed day one sadly. Though I got reports of how Evermore trolled, sorry I mean healed it his way to victory on day one. He won a...
PUBG has done something not many games in early access can do. They have reached #6 on Newzoo's PC Game Tracker. It came in 6th in terms of players playing the title and in play time. Beating out top level games like WoW and GTA V. PUBG finished right below fellow shooter Overwatch, which as the graph below shows. It looks like Overwatch lost some of it's player base to this death match style shooter.

Pitting 100 players against each other in a battle royal style has paid off big in Japan. Where it ranks as the #1 game played. With many sources thinking that all of the players are being lost from Overwatch and moving to PUBG. I know I did. I just started playing this month and already I haven't updated Overwatch since.
PUBG will continue to grow. Newzoo thinks so and with an upcoming esports scene, not to mention upcoming updates. There are a lot of big named streamers helping by streaming the game as well. The game hasn't even been released yet. Though a full release is expected by the end of 2017.
GiL presents to you our official video settings guide for Playerunknowns Battleground. We have checked around at what most websites and videos say to use. Then we tried and tested them. Then a new patch came out with new options. We tried and tested more and these are the best settings we could come up with.

These setting will help you see your enemies easier and provide with you smooth and as high of FPS your computer can handle.


Screen Mode : Fullscreen (Windowed)
Resolution : Monitor Resolution
FpsCameraFov : 103 ( This widens the field of view)
Equipments HUD : On (This shows you, the equipped helmet, vest,...